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GT3000 GT5000

The Genmega GT3000 and GT5000 are manufactured to be installed through a wall. They are outdoor weatherized ATM machines. The GT5000 is a great choice for through the wall ATM installations. The GT3000 has been the most affordable outdoor ATM model available for sale to our customers.

Genmega G1900 ATM
Genmega G2500 G2505e ATM
Genmega GT3000 GT3010
GT5000 ATM by Genmega

Genmega ATM Manufacturer's Page

Genmega has been involved in the ATM manufacturing industry working with Tranax Technologies and Hantle Inc. Genmega participates in national ATM product exhibitions, showcasing their latest model line. Genmega is located in Fremont, California.

Genmega G1900 and G2500 Series

We sell ATM models such as the Genmega G1900 so all business owners can afford an ATM for their customer's use. It costs about as much as a nice flat screen TV, but provides a service that brings in more revenue. The Genmega G1900 is reliable and cost effective. The G2500 line includes the G2505 and G2505e. The G2505e ATM model includes an electronic lock and EMV card reader.

G1900 G2500
Genmega Onyx and Onyx W

The newest line from Genmega is the Onyx. A striking ebony finish is featured with a unique fingerprint free mirrored touch control. The Onyx W is a wall mount or counter top class ATM that holds a generous amount of bills for such a small machine. 1000 note removable cash cassette comes standard. The Onyx is a standard stand up ATM.

Onyx W Onyx

Genmega Onyx W countertop ATM Genmega Onyx ATM