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ATM transaction processing

ATM Transaction Processing Services

ATM transaction processing services are possible because all banks are connected together in networks like Cirrus, Plus, and dozens more. Processors use the network connections to contact the ATM you are using, the bank you bank at, and the ATM owner's bank. Banks want to know how much money you have and how much you want to take out. That's where ATM processors come in. Processors connect cardholder banks and ATM banks together to conduct transaction processing in a matter of seconds. When we service your processing account, we help issue master keys, help resolve Regulation E claims, fill out forms for ATM location changes, bank deposit changes, etc. Contact us about any processing questions or if you want to switch your ATM processing to us. If buying a new ATM unit , it will already come with processing. We make it very easy to purchase and operate an ATM. We sell the ATM machine, put the ATM on the networks then monitor and troubleshoot the ATM for problems or out of cash errors. Since we are your account rep for processing, we are available anytime you need us. Our processing runs seamlessly in the background.

Processing through MAG costs very little each month to the ATM owner. We have a small monthly service fee that covers telephone assistance as well as online ATM reporting through a web page we set up for you. There are phone data charge reimbursements to the network when certain administrative functions are done at the ATM. Some ATM administrative functions require the ATM to dial out to a 1-800 number. For example, the ATM will dial out to the processor when you load cash and run a report telling the ATM how much you put in it, it will dial out and update with the ATM processor. It costs about 3 cents for the processor to take that call. So, at the end of the month, the processor wants to be reimbursed that 3 cents. If you put money in the ATM once a week, there would be a 12 cent charge at the end of the month, if that was the only report you ran. Sometimes you may need to run a day total, etc. That would be another 3 cents. The bottom line is, most ATM owners will have between .12 and .50 charge at the end of the month, depending on how many reports are ran. Note: not all reports dial out to the processor. There is no charge for reports that do not send data.

ATM Sales Promotions

Sometimes ATM manufacturers authorize certain models of ATM machines to be manufactured inside of a model series. The G2500 series ATM is a good example of this. Genmega recently announced that they were creating the G2505 ATM, part of the 2500 series. The G2505 has an e-lock among it's upgrades.

For a limited time, get a G2505 instead of the stock G2500, which includes a larger monitor, e-lock and more. A good value for the money, and a lot more machine than a G1900.

G2505 on sale ATM includes transaction processing with reporting