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ADA guidelines, American's with Disabilities Act

Federal ADA ATM guidelines.

This page briefly addresses the American with Disabilities Act changes. In 2010, new guidelines began going into effect that affected all ATM owners. The dimensions for wheelchair access changed. The Braille and audio requirements changed for hearing and sight impaired people. In 2012, all regulations went into effect and all ATM machines should have been upgraded. If you are buying a used machine, chances are it has not been upgraded. All ATM models manufactured since 2012 meet the newest ADA requirements. Visit this page for more information about ADA and it's implementation.

ATM Misc Resources

Federal ADA ATM guidelines. ATM product brochures let you view, download or print at your convenience. Also, who invented the ATM? This page is now

Who invented the ATM?

Who invented the ATM? It turns out, it depends on who you ask. We set out in 2006 to find out who invented the ATM machine. The page caught on and several individuals contacted us with exclusive information to add to our ongoing endeavor of determining who invented the ATM. The page now has it's own web site:, Click the button to leave this site and go there.
ATM Brochures from Hantle, Genmega, Nautilus Hyosung, and

If you have picked out an ATM and would like to purchase it: call us anytime toll free to order: 888-336-4872. If you would like to view, download, or print out an available ATM product brochure, click the link below.

  • For years one of the only ways to view ATM machines was with a .pdf brochure. We mailed out hundreds of manufacturer's brochures when they were requested. We can still mail brochures, however the same brochure is available right here for viewing, downloading, or printing. Click the brochure link button to see what is available. If you do not see a particular model listed, then there is not one available to us yet.
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