Hantle 1700w  
  • Hantel MB1700w ATM

    Features and Specifications
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  • Triple DES compliant Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP). The keypad has a tamper resistant design that erases all programming and stored master keys if opened. DIP type card reader. UL291 business hour certified vault. UL listed combination lock (electronic locks optional). Reinforced steel bottom plate with four pre-drilled holes for mounting.
  • Cash Dispensing Unit uses a friction feed mechanism. Dispense capacity of 800 notes (fixed cassette). Dispense capacity of 1000, 1700, 1700x2 (removable cassette). Cash dispensing unit is mounted on a sliding panel for easy service). Automatic Jam-Clearing function reverses jams and diverts to reject bin.
  • The Hantle 1700w comes with a 7 inch TFT LCD panel supporting 800 x 480 resolution WVGA. Eight function keys for menu selection. Displays up to 8 customizable graphics screens which rotate on idle, and while processing.
  • Samsung S3C2440AL-40 RISC 32-bit CPU. 64MB RAM (not expandable). WinCE™ 5.0 Operating System. Electronic Journal – stores up to 40,000 transactions
  • The 1700w requires an analog phone line instead of digital. Most third party wireless devices are supported. The 1700w comes with a 56k modem and integrated Ethernet.(SSL)
  • 2 inch thermal paper printer for receipts. Requires LINE, NEUTRAL, and GROUND electrical connection. 110/220VAC with a manual power switch. Height: 56" Depth: 22" Width: 16" Weight: 206 pounds


Hantle 1700w ATM

We still like the design of this ATM, even after years of deployment into the ATM market. Back then the company was known as Tranax Technologies. Today they are known as Hantle USA. The design still stands out, just like the MB1500 before it.
Reliable ATM
The Hantle Mini-Bank 1700w is a great value for your money when comparing ATM's in this class. With its contemporary design, this ATM has reliability, durability and security built right in. The 1700w is targeted for lower transaction markets. A nice feature is the light action indicators indicating which buttons to push when conducting a transaction.
Great Features
This machine has a 7 inch High Resolution LCD screen, 56K modem, and an integrated lighted topper. At 206 lbs, the 1700w from Hantle is no lightweight. It's heavy on the steel, and light on the plastic. The solid construction of the 1700w provides a secure cash vault. Some other machines weigh almost 80lbs. less than the MB1700w.

Hantle 1700w ATM

The 1700w is designed to be easy to maintain, with a really low price! Hantle USA made sure that the mini bank MB1700w inherited the unsurpassed reliability and quality of the two previous workhorse machines: MB-1000 and MB1500. An updated eye-catching design was integrated with numerous enhancements to meet ADA and PIN security requirements. This alone makes the Hantle Mini bank MB1700 a great choice today. It's ready to be put into service in almost any retail environment, now and in the future. Triple DES compliant, this ATM will not need security upgrades for years to come. The Mini bank MB1700w has standard features such as voice guidance, and 56K modem. It offers a range of options to custom configure an ATM solution for any location. Not many ATM manufacturers offer the same level of integrated design and built in flexibility that Hantle USA builds into every machine. When you buy a Hantle Mini bank MB1700 from ATMmachine.com, we will deliver a high quality, high performance ATM to you at a very fair price, and we'll be there after the sale if you need us! Since 1998!

Hantle 1700w

Designed for a lower volume of transactions, the Hantle 1700w can fit in at almost any location.

Being affordable means any business can purchase a Hantle ATM and benefit from it's use.

Small businesses, clubs, local gathering spots, anywhere cash is spent, a Hantle ATM will do well.

Hantle 1700w machines are reliable and look good too. The 7 inch LCD screen stands out.