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Hantle T4000

Just as the Genmega GT3000 and GT5000 are manufactured to be installed through a wall, the T4000 ATM from Hantle is another great choice in TTW installations. TTW (through the wall) kits come with all of the outdoor weatherized ATM models we carry. The T4000 Hantle ATM is modeled after expensive bank machines that cost upwards of $20,000 in many cases. The T4000 costs much less with the same look and functions as most drive up bank ATMs. We sell bank ATMs as well. Call us with any specific ATM needs you have.

MB1700w ATM by Hantle
MBc4000 by Hantle ATM
T4000 in the wall ATM by Hantle
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Hantle ATM Manufacturer's Page

Hantle Inc. is located in Fremont, California. Years ago just after we started, Hantle was known as Cross. The mini bank name started with Cross. Then they changed their name to Tranax Technologies. They were partners with Nautilus Hyosung in those days. Tranax manufactured their machines in the US through the early 2000's. The MB1000 and the MB1500 machines were standards that most other manufacturers had to match in quality. When they split up, Nautilus America was formed, and moved to Texas. Tranax changed their name to Hantle and began producing their own line of ATM's. Hantle machines are configured, tested, and shipped directly within 72 hours, or on an agreed upon date, to the customer's site or preferred destination after purchase.

Hantle MB1700 ATM

We have sold almost as many MB1700 machines as we did the MB1500. The MB1705e is part of the MB1700 series. The MB1705e we are featuring comes configured with the popular upgrades built in. You get a base model MB1700 ATM with a 1000 note removable cash cassette and an electronic lock (MB1705e).

Hantle MBc4000 ATM

Hantle manufactures the MB1700 to be an entry level ATM designed for low or moderate use. If your needs call for an ATM to be used in a high traffic location, consider the MBc4000 by Hantle. This ATM is designed for higher usage rates and features a larger display and premium components.