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Some business owners would like to have an ATM, but do not want to buy or lease the machine. They would rather have someone else own the machine. This page is for you!

There are many different reasons for not wanting to own or maintain an ATM. Some people simply feel they do not have enough time to keep up with maintaining a machine. Others do not want to handle large amounts of money. Whatever the reason, if you want an ATM and do not want to buy or lease, then our ATM Placement Services may be the answer you're looking for. Call us and we will see if anyone in our nationwide database is interested in supplying an ATM for your business. We use only placement service companies that buy from They must be approved by us for legitimacy. All business interests are our primary concern. If your business would be able to do over 300 transactions per month and preferably 500 per month or more, an ATM placement company would like to talk with you. Almost anyone can find a great location. They are everywhere. However, if you do not own the business or the property where the ATM will be located, you will need to contact the owner yourself before you contact us. We prefer to deal directly with business owners and a few placement companies. We do not buy leads or location leads. In general, placement services work like this: Your business should generate 300-500 transactions or more each month for a placement service to consider your business as a viable location. You should also be responsible for having a dedicated phone line available. Businesses that meet these initial conditions qualify for one of the following plans:

1. ATM is installed. A placement service puts their money in it, and an armored car refills the dispenser with cash. To qualify for this plan, a business: a) must generate at least 500 ATM transactions per month b) will receive part of the surcharge revenue after 500 transactions each month. Some businesses elect not to receive part of the surcharge revenue. They just want an ATM for their customer's use.

2. ATM is installed. You put your money in the ATM and refill it as needed. To qualify for this plan, a business: a) must generate at least 300 transactions per month. b) will receive 50/50 share of the surcharge revenue each month.

3. ATM is installed. You put your money in the ATM, and an armored car service will refill the cash dispenser. To qualify for this plan, a business: a) must generate at least 400 transactions per month. b) will have to work out details with the placement company for revenue splits. The cost of armored car services vary, so generated revenue will vary too.

Sporting arenas, stadiums, convention centers, large nightclubs, or similar locations seeking an ATM, call or contact us and we will review what options you have. There are many. We have direct relationships with the CEO's of some ATM manufacturers that have placement services of their own. From New York and New Jersey to Southern California!

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