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Ready to Buy an ATM Now?

This page is for our visitors that are ready to purchase an ATM. The quickest way to take possession of an ATM for your business location is simply call toll free at any time of day. 888-336-4872. We sell about 20 ATM models spanning 5 different ATM manufacturers. ATM pricing is down to all time lows and the average price of a machine is now around $2500 with a couple in the $2100 range. See the ATM store page for ATM comparison shopping.

We hope to provide you with ATM information you will not receive anywhere else, before you buy.

Buy it Now, ATM shipping example

Purchasing an ATM begins includes ownership paperwork and processing contract paperwork. We will help you fill out the paperwork correctly. Federal Patriot Act Laws and banking regulations apply to automated teller machines. These must be complied with. For instance: when the Patriot Act was passed, it included a section on money laundering and wire transfers between bank accounts. The US government says an ATM does this when it accesses a bank account and transfers money. It's a wire transfer. One provision of the Patriot Act states the owner and or cash loader, cannot have been convicted of a felony (Federal offense.) A quick criminal background check is required by law, and must be done on each owner of an ATM. Your business bank account information is needed so the money you load into your ATM can be routed back to you in 24 hours. If you put $3000 into the ATM and it is withdrawn $100 at a time by 30 people at $2 each, that would be $60 in surcharge fees. The $3000 will be returned by MAG, the processing company, and deposited into a business bank account you specify. Then you go back to your bank and get $3000 more and put it in the ATM. And you do that over and over, hopefully, with no problems. The surcharge money you have set for each transaction will be deposited monthly. You can have surcharge money deposited daily but this is optional.

Purchasing an ATM from

Here are the steps for purchasing an ATM from and S & T Enterprise Group Inc.

  • We send you purchase invoice with final pricing and payment information
    E-lock, signs, optional cassettes and LCD monitors, all increase cost.
  • ATM ships and we track the truck's progress until delivery.
    Most trucks have a lift gate. Most trucking companies deliver curbside, and will not hand truck the pallet mounted ATM very far if any. It depends on the delivery company and brand of ATM.
  • ATM Installation is optional but highly recommended
    ATM machines must be mounted with expansion bolts into solid concrete. Other methods will work but concrete is preferred. An ATM tech uses a hammer drill to make the holes for the expansion bolts. Then the ATM is bolted down and leveled
  • ATM will be programmed with master keys, etc.
    An ATM must be programmed before it will conduct a transaction. ATM tech's do this as well as train the ATM owner to open the lock, run reports, load cash and more.