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Every ATM on this page is a featured ATM we sell. We have stocked this online ATM store with popular, and in some cases important, ATM options. For instance electronic locks. We recommend upgrading to an electronic lock in almost all cases, so our models featured here have the E-lock option automatically figured into the price. Another option we consider important is the rear operator screen that is offered on in-the-wall ATM installations. An ATM such as the NH-2700T or T4000 has an optional rear screen we recommend because it is almost impossible to see the front screen and troubleshoot or run administrative functions while behind the machine. Just loading bills into the machine forces you to go behind it then back to the front. The rear screen option on the NH 2700T is $500. Note: Genmega G2505e has an available Touch Screen as an option. This ATM touchscreen option is $250. Also note that all machines come with ATM processing. For machines not processing with MAG please add $300 to each listed price. Call toll free anytime 888-336-4872.
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Hantle 1700w
Hantle MB1705e
1000 note removable cassette and E-lock
C4000p ATM by Hantle
Hantle c4000
$ call us
for availability of the Hantle c4000P
Hantle t4000 outdoor ATM
Hantle T4000
$ call us
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Genmega G1900
Genmega G1900
800 note non-removable cassette, has spin dial lock
G2500 ATM manufactured by Genmega
1000 note removable cassette, e-lock, EMV card reader
Genmega GT3000 and GT3010 ATM
1000 note removable cassette, e-lock, rear screen, TTW kit
GT5000 ATM by Genmega
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1700 note cash cassette, 15" screen
NH2700 by Nautilus Hyosung
1000 note removable cassette, e-lock upgrade
NH2700 by Nautilus Hyosung
1000 note removable cassette, e-lock, TTW kit
Halo 2 by Nautilus Hyosung
Halo II
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Order by Sept. 30, 2015, get a 30 month parts only warranty.
Don't forget ATM Transaction Processing and Installation
All ATM's we sell come with MAG processing. We are MAG processing agents. So and S & T Enterprise Group Inc. does it all with a one stop turnkey sales experience. Everything is in writing up front, and your sales agent is your processing rep who is also your repair and support tech. You will always hear a friendly voice if you call and have a problem.