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This is the help page for our customers and visitors who may be having problems with their ATM. If your ATM is experiencing problems and you are currently a customer of ours, call 24 hours a day anytime 888-336-4872. If you are not a customer of ours, or you did not purchase your ATM from us, you should call your service provider/ISO for assistance. If you can find no help available... call us, we will do our best to assist you.

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From our ATM troubleshooting knowledge to our friendly 24 hour support, service after the sale is important to us. We hope you will consider S & T Enterprise Group Inc. / when purchasing an ATM. Call toll free: 888-336-4872 at your convenience.

EMV chip card liability shift:

All ATM machines located in the US should be capable of reading an EMV chip card by October 21, 2016. If an ATM is not EMV capable after October 21, 2016, the ATM owner becomes liable for fraud loss at their machine and not MasterCard. The liability shift date for Visa is October 1, 2017. Some older ATM machines cannot be upgraded. Others will need an EMV card reader upgrade.

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When you purchase an ATM from you get 24 hour / 7 days a week, personal and friendly support. We answer the phone when possible, however if all lines are tied up, you can leave voicemail and we will return your call usually within a couple of minutes. Below is a link to our ATM FAQ page. We have assembled some frequent ATM questions that have been asked over the years. Included on that page is some helpful ATM ownership information as well.


All ATMs manufactured today meet Federal ADA requirements for the hearing and sight impaired. Some ATMs manufactured just a couple of years ago did not. Our ADA page may help someone who has a used ATM or one in storage. ADA

Product brochures are available for some of the ATM machines we sell. The same information plus more can be found on's ATM pages. ATM manufacturer's brochures can be downloaded, viewed in your browser, or printed on paper. Visit the ATM brochure download page here: Brochures

Quick troubleshooting an ATM from

Here are the steps for troubleshooting an ATM from These are general guidelines we follow.

  • If the ATM is having any problems such as error codes, card reading or printing problems:
    Open ATM and find power switch. Turn it off for 30 seconds, then turn it back on.
  • Or if ATM will not read a debit card:
    If ATM error code is 90001, most of the time, you will need to check if someone placed a coin or obstruction in the card reader slot. After a few years, card readers may need cleaned to work correctly. Card reader cleaners are inexpensive. Note: it is common to see this ATM error in error summaries but does not indicate a bad or defective machine part.
  • If ATM cannot dial out or you are getting D1800, D1704, etc. errors.
    These are communication errors. ATM machines have been manufactured since 1996 with a modem that uses an ordinary analog phone line to communicate with host processors. Today, phone companies are upgrading to digital phone lines. This is ok for voice calls, but not for analog modems. A machine that works today may not work correctly tomorrow as phone systems get upgraded. Most D1xxx errors result from not having an analog phone line or a dedicated phone line. If the line is shared with an answering machine for example (not dedicated), this can cause problems with the ATM communicating.
  • Coming Soon: ATM error code page
    An ATM runs smoothly and trouble free, for the most part, but the odds say anything mechanical will have problems one day. From a simple dust problem to mechanical failure, an ATM can display error codes. The ATM error code page is coming. The button below is disabled until then.
ATM Errors