who is ATMmachine.com

ATMmachine.com is the web site and online portal of S & T Enterprise Group Inc.

In 1998, Susan Miller and Anthony Miller, started a company called S and T Enterprises, with a web site for online merchants called www.Mastercard-Visa.com. It enabled merchants to get a merchant account anywhere nationwide. Two months later Susan and Anthony saw the demand merchants had for automated teller machines. So in the fall of 1998, they launched ATMmachine.com. Now merchants had an avenue for purchasing their own ATM from an online company. Not many people were selling automated teller machines in 1998 on the web. That is where ATMmachine.com came in. The Internet was expanding and people were now finding what they wanted online. ATMmachine.com allowed anyone with a business to buy an ATM for their customer's use. In 2009, S & T Enterprise Group, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada was formed with a another office strategically located close to the center of the USA, in Missouri.

Susan Miller has 15 years of experience in selling ATMs, specializing in troubleshooting, programming, and legal ATM compliance issues. That's longer than most of the manufacturers of ATMs have been around. From 1998 through 2003, ATMmachine.com was based out of St. Louis, MO.

Email: info@atmmachine.com


Corporate Mailing Address: P.O. Box 27740, Las Vegas, NV 89126

Corporate headquarters is in Las Vegas, NV, and we still have an office on the Mississippi River south of St. Louis. We operate on West coast hours. We are open until 7pm CST because we have many customers in California. ATM parts warehouse and ISO processor are located in California allowing for later parts shipping and customer support hours.