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atm enclosure

Steel Full Enclosures and half enclosures.

Enclosures do much more than just deter theft, they also protect against the weather if installed correctly and to manufacturer's instructions. Newly designed enclosures for stand up lobby style ATMs are impressive in their ability to keep an ATM safe while offering a secure place for people to access an ATM.
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ATM Security & Kiosks

Security enclosures are suddenly in great demand because more ATM machines made for outdoor use are targets for theft. Areas prone to crime will need extra protection for an ATM in that location.

Most ATM enclosures and canopies are made to order. Some models and canopies are ready to ship now. There is a waiting period on popular models that are in demand. Call for pricing and availability and we will check with the manufacturer in seconds for in stock items. ATM enclosures are in demand. ATM security sleeves give extra layer of protection. Partial or full ATM vault. Both deter theft. These enclosures weigh 1100 lbs and more. Custom paint available, standard colors too.
walk up atm kiosk

ATM Security Kiosks

If you have picked out an ATM and would like to purchase an enclosure or kiosk for it, call us anytime toll free to order: 888-336-4872. Most kiosks are custom order with custom paint available.

  • These enclosures are made from steel and weigh over 1000 pounds. Some are available with cooling and heating hookups.