C4000 ATM by Hantle

  • Hantle c4000 ATM

    Features and Specifications
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  • Triple DES compliant Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP). The keypad has a tamper resistant design that erases all programming and stored master keys if opened. DIP type card reader. UL291 business hour certified vault. UL listed combination lock (electronic locks optional). Reinforced steel bottom plate with four pre-drilled holes for mounting. UL listed combination lock (electronic locks optional)
  • Upgradeable from 1 to 4 cassettes. Friction feed mechanism. Dispense capacity of 800 notes (fixed cassette). Dispense capacity of 1000, 1700, 1700x2/x4 (removable cassette). CDU unit is mounted on a sliding panel system for easier servicing. Mechanism reverses bill jams and diverts it to reject bin.
  • 10.4 inch TFT LCD panel 800 x 600 resolution SVGA. Eight function keys for menu selection. Displays up to 8 customizable graphics screens which rotate on idle, and while processing.
  • Samsung S3C2440AL-40 RISC 32-bit CPU. 64MB RAM (not expandable). WinCE™ 5.0 Operating System. Electronic Journal – stores up to 40,000 transactions
  • The c4000 ATM requires an analog phone line instead of digital. Most third party wireless devices are supported. The c4000 series comes with a 56k modem and integrated Ethernet.(SSL)
  • 3 inch thermal paper printer for receipts. Requires LINE, NEUTRAL, and GROUND electrical connection. 110/220VAC with a manual power switch. Height: 56" Depth: 23" Width: 17" Weight: 260 pounds


Hantle c4000 and c4000P

We sell and lease Hantle USA ATM's to business owners in the USA. The Hantle Mini Bank c4000 is now affordable to everyone! This machine is $1000 less than the next machine with a 10.4" color monitor.

Great LCD Display
The new Mini-Bank c4000 represents the best in it's class with features second to none. Leading the way is the 10.4" LCD display. To get a monitor this size usually requires spending hundreds of extra dollars. But you can save those hundreds and get a large color screen ATM for the cost of monochrome.
Great Features
The Mini-Bank c4000 is also TDES and ADA compliant right out of the box, including a VISA (lab certified) Encrypting Pin Pad (EPP) and a voice/lighted transaction guidance system.

Hantle c4000 and c4000P ATM

The c4000P was introduced in 2013 and retains many of the same standard features as a base model c4000. The c4000P ATM features a motorized cash presenter. Many banks have ATM machines that include a motorized cash or bill presenter. It is a extra little touch of class that sets this machine apart. In an upscale retail setting, this c4000P ATM will blend right in. A great optional high topper sign is available. The High-Brightness Topper. This versatile topper can be horizontally or vertically set, offers easy access to vinyl graphic sign for hassle free customization, & features a bright light box that's sure to catch some attention! Call for pricing.


Hantle c4000 and c4000P

The c4000 series is a step up from the 1700w. This 10.4" LCD display is 3" larger than the 1700w display with a larger overall design.

c4000 ATM in use

The Hantle c4000 ATM is manufactured to process hundreds of transactions before needing any kind of maintenance.

C4000 in the field, installed

If your business can afford it, upgrading to the c4000 or the c4000P is worth the extra money over the 1700w. You can't go wrong with either machine.

c4000 installed in convenience store

Hantle c4000 series machines are very reliable and have a nice industrial look. The 10.4 inch LCD screen sets this model apart.