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GT5000 ATM by Genmega

  • Genmega GT5000 ATM

    Features and Specifications
  • call 888-336-4872 to purchase
  • 16-key alphanumeric keypad, PCI/Interac Certified, Triple-DES (TDES) compliant EPP, DIP card reader, EMV card reader optional. UL291 Business Hours Vault, Electronic Lock or Cencon (optional)
  • 1 x 1700 Note Cassette or optional 2 x 1700 Note Multi-Cassette, 3 x 1700 Note Multi-Cassette Presenter module
  • 15 inch color TFT-LCD Panel High bright LED backlight 1024x768 (XGA) Resolution
  • Cortex-A8 32bit CDP DDR2 256MB RAM / WinCE 6.0
  • 56Kb Internal Modem TCP/IP Ethernet - SSL
  • Voice Guidance, Lighted Transaction Guidance, Accessible Keypad Layout, 80mm / 3" Receipt Printer 200 DPI monographic printing , Width: 24.1 inches Depth: 33.9 inches Height: 56.7 inches Weight: 570 pounds

Genmega GT5000/>

Genmega GT5000 ATM

Genmega and are now offering the GT5000 series through-the-wall weatherized ATM with a large 15 inch screen.

Install the Genmega GT5000 through a wall or kiosk.
This is Genmega's latest version of an outdoor ATM, the GT5000. This outdoor ATM is a step up from the GT3000. If you need an outdoor through the wall ATM that looks like a bank ATM, the GT5000 is a great choice.
Upgraded standard features and cash dispensing options:
The Genmega GT5000 comes with a 1700 note cash cassette, with the option to hold 3 cash cassettes. It has an electronic lock instead of the usual spin dial combination lock. The Genmega GT5000 has a DIP style card reader or optional EMV card reader.

Genmega GT5000 ATM

Genmega designed the GT5000 ATM to have the look and feel of a bank ATM at a fraction of the cost. The GT5000 comes with a 15" high-bright LCD screen and a 7" rear operator touch screen. It comes standard with a 1700 note cash cassette and the GT5000 can hold 3 cash cassettes. This ATM uses existing Genmega components, so service and maintenance issues are an easy fix. The Genmega GT5000 looks like an expensive bank style ATM, but is really an economical through-the-wall solution for ATM owners.

GT5000 ATM

GT5000 ATM by Genmega GT5000 ATM operator access GT5000 with TTW kit