Onyx ATM by Genmega  
  • Genmega Onyx, Onyx P ATM

    Features and Specifications
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  • 16-key alphanumeric keypad PCI Certified Triple-DES (TDES) compliant EPP keypad. Business hour certified vault. UL listed combination lock (electronic locks optional).
  • 800 Note Fixed Cassette (TCDU) 1000 Note Removable Cassette (SCDU) 1, 2 or 4x1700 Note Removable Cassette (HCDU) 1, 2 or 4x1700 Note Removable Cassette with Presenter (HPCDU)
  • 10.2 inch wide 32-bit color Backlit TFT LCD panel with 1280x800 Resolution. 12 inch touch-screen (Optional) Customizable Ad Screens
  • Coretex-A8 CPU (800MHz) 256MB RAM / WinCE 6.0
  • 56,000 bps dial-up modem. TCP IP Ethernet connection – Onboard SSL. Most third party wireless devices are will work with the Onyx ATM
  • 56mm (2" standard) 80mm (3" optional) Graphics Capable with 3", Optional LED topper sign. Width: 15.8 inches Depth: 22.3 inches Height: 56.4 inches Weight: 206 pounds

Genmega Onyx ATM

Genmega Onyx ATM
Genmega Onyx P

The Onyx retail ATM is made by Genmega. Genmega designed and engineered the Onyx to meet the needs of the highly competitive retail ATM market. The Genmega Onyx P has a motorized cash presenter and a high performance cash dispenser. Genmega is located in Fremont, California.

The Onyx series is the newest line of ATM models by Genmega.
This modern looking ATM machine has been designed with all the features you would expect from Genmega including a very attractive 10.2” high-resolution mirror finish LCD screen, reflective for security. DIP style reader is standard with an optional EMV card reader available.
Lots of ATM cash dispensing options:
The Onyx has an 800 note fixed cassette or 1000 note removable cassette. In addition, 1, 2 or 4x1700 note removable cassettes are options. A cash presenter option is also available in these same configurations. The Onyx P has the motorized cash presenter and a upgraded CDU.

Genmega Onyx, Onyx P for indoor use

The Onyx has a 10.2" monitor screen which is an LCD TFT type. A 12" touchscreen is optional. Both monitors are bright, crisp, and viewable when the sun might be a problem. The monitor area has a reflective mirror type finish for security. You can instantly see if anyone is standing behind you. The mirror finish is fingerprint resistant as well. The Onyx is ready for custom advertisements. The Genmega Onyx has available advertising screens for promoting anything you want at your business location. It has a 2" thermal printer, with an optional 3" printer. The 3" printer is capable of graphic printing. The Onyx has a reliable DIP style card reader with an optional EMV upgrade. Flexible cash dispensing options are offered by Genmega, including drawer, cassette, and multi-cassette devices. The Genmega Onyx P includes a motorized cash presenter with a high performance CDU. The Onyx P also includes security enhancements. The cash dispensing unit (CDU) is the most expensive part of an ATM to replace. Genmega cash dispensers are very reliable. We have machines over 10 years old that are still dispensing cash with no problems.

Onyx ATM by Genmega

Onyx ATM by Genmega

The Onyx by Genmega has an attractive ebony finish that sets it apart from all other stand alone ATM units. The Onyx ATM has an impressive look that ATM users will notice in seconds at your business.

View of G1900 by Genmega with top open

Pictured above, this Onyx ATM was one of the first shown by Genmega. It has a magnetic advertising wrap installed. Photo taken with our Google Glass Explorer edition's camera.

g1900 atm by genmega

This close up photo of a Genmega Onyx keypad also shows the location of the receipt paper and DIP style card reader. EMV card reader optional.

close up view of G1900 ATM by Genmega

This photo is a close up of a Genmega Onyx monitor. This ATM has touch key prompts that surround the screen. The monitor area has a mirror type finish, however it does not show fingerprints after being touched.