Onyx W Countertop ATM by Genmega  
  • Genmega Onyx W Counter top ATM

    Features and Specifications
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  • EMV (Dip Type card reader) 16 key alphanumeric keypad, PCI 3.0 certified EPP (encrypting pin pad) LED Illumination, Integrated ATM sign
  • 1000 Note Removable Cassette (WCDU), Electronic Lock, A-series Lock, Cencon Lock
  • 10.1 inch wide diagonal TFT LCD panel 1280x800 Resolution, Customizable ad screens, 8 Lighted-Touch function keys, ADA voice guidance, lighted transaction guidance, accessible keypad layout
  • Coretex-A8 CPU (800Mhz), DDR2 256MB SRAM memory, 256MB Flash Memory, Windows CE 6.0
  • 56,000 bps dial-up modem. TCP IP Ethernet connection – Onboard SSL.
  • 56mm (2 inch standard) receipt printer
    Height = 19.7” Width = 26.8” Depth = 10.4” ATM Weight = 121 lbs.

Genmega Onyx W ATM

Genmega Onyx W ATM

The Genmega Onyx W Counter top Class ATM is now available for purchase. Genmega designed and engineered the Onyx W to meet the needs of business owners who need to save floor space while providing a valuable service to their customers.Genmega Onyx W Countertop compact ATM

Right side view Onyx W ATM

The Genmega Onyx W is a solution for floor space problems some small business owners have.
This unique and compact ATM machine has all the features you would expect from a larger machine, plus a very attractive high-resolution 10.1 inch LCD screen.
Large 1000 note cash dispenser in a counter top ATM!
The Genmega Onyx W comes standard with a 1000 note removable cash dispenser cassette. That's up to $20,000 in a single bill load.

Genmega Onyx W ATM Counter top size

The 10.1 inch monitor is a TFT LCD type. It is bright, crisp, and designed to be viewable when the sun might be a problem. It is ready for custom advertisements. The Genmega Onyx W has eight available advertising screens, which can be used to promote anything you want. It has a standard 2 inch printer, and uses the same paper rolls as other ATMs. We will send you a couple rolls that should last a while. The Onyx W counter top ATM has a new DIP style EMV card reader that meets upcoming regulations. A DIP card reader is where the customer inserts his/her/their card fully into a slot, then removes the card. EMV compliant, the card reader should be compliant for years to come. The cash dispensing options are limited to a single 1000 note removable cassette which should meet the needs of most business owners. The cash dispensing unit (CDU) is the most expensive part of an ATM to replace and the dispenser included on the Onyx W is a very reliable model. For years small business owners have been looking for a solution to limited floor space and now we have the Genmega Onyx W ready for purchase. The Onyx W can be installed on a wall or on a countertop. It weighs in at 121 pounds which seems heavy for a small machine, but security requires steel and the Onyx W has both.

Genmega Onyx W compact ATM

Genmega Onyx W ATM Screen

The Genmega Onyx W counter top ATM is a well designed machine for any business owner. The 10.1 inch monitor is attractive and intuitive to use. The guidance system is also intuitive and well layed out.

View of Genmega Onyx W keypad

The EMV compliant keypad is a DIP style keypad. Braille guidance markers help the blind to access the Onyx W

Genmega Onyx W Cash Dispenser

This close up photo of a Genmega Onyx W cash slot is where the ATM user accepts their money. The Onyx W comes with a 1000 note removable cash cassette.

close up view of Genmega Onyx W Compact ATM

The Onyx W is only 10 inches deep, 19.7 inches tall, 26.8 inches wide and weighs 121 lbs.