NH-1800 ATM by Nautilus Hyosung

nh1800 ATM

Nautilus Hyosung NH-1800se

Discontinued / Unavailable
One of the most popular ATMs we have ever carried is from Nautilus Hyosung, the NH-1800 series ATM which was discontinued on Oct. 1, 2013, the same launch date as the Halo. NH-1800se, which was developed from years of experience in the retail industry. It's engineered to provide outstanding reliability at a great low price.

The NH-1800se has a redesigned optional topper sign available.

This ATM is still one of the more modern looking ATM machines we carry. High topper has been redesigned and is now optional. Extended warranty program can be renewed yearly up to four times.
Nautilus Hyosung designed this ATM to be stylish and functional.
The NH-1800 comes standard with a wide screen 8” TFT Color LCD which is bigger than most ATM screens today. A bigger screen is always easier to navigate. The blue LED lights illuminate the keypad for easy usage. Eight buttons, four to a side, surround the screen and indicate to the ATM user which buttons or choices to push.

Nautilus Hyosung NH-1800se ATM

An ATM dispenses cash, so we'll look at the cash dispenser first. The NH-1800 comes standard with a 2000 note removable cassette. For example: it will hold 2000 x $20 = $40,000 although very few ATM owners put that much cash into their ATM. But you could. And in a setting such as a sports arena, or movie theatre, there is the potential to go through a lot of cash. Some people take out $200 at a time. As an option, up to 3 cassettes maximum can be installed in a NH-1800se. The NH-1800 comes standard with a wide screen 8” TFT Color LCD which is bigger than most ATM screens today. A bigger screen is easier to navigate. It makes it easy for people of all ages and seeing ability to better use the machine. It conforms to all new ADA guidelines. The small foot print and ergonomic design allows the NH-1800 to be installed virtually anywhere. All ATM's installed in a business location should be bolted to the floor. The NH-1800 is no exception. Even though it weighs in at a whopping 265 lbs. It should still be bolted to the floor. The function keys, and voice guidance system, complies with ADA regulations for ATM machines. New ADA regulations are going into effect on older ATM's. A highly visible topper makes it easy for customers to spot the ATM even in crowded situations. We like the looks of this machine. We also like the range of options that are available to custom configure an ATM solution for any location. Not many ATM manufacturers offer the same level of integrated design and built in flexibility as Nautilus Hyosung. When you buy a Nautilus Hyosung NH-1800 from ATMmachine.com, we will deliver a high quality and high performance ATM to you at a very fair price. Just as important, we'll be there after the sale! Since 1998! This ATM comes with a standard 56k modem installed. This modem is fast and hassle free. Just plug a phone line into it. If you have an Ethernet connection, you can specify that you want the optional TCP/IP module to be installed as the machine is being built. It can also be configured with a wireless connection. Not every location where an ATM is going to be installed will have a phone line available. This option gives you the freedom to install a wireless communication modem and let the ATM bypass the traditional phone line approach. However in our experiences, a phone line and simple modem are hassle free. But, not all phone lines are clean sounding. A dirty sounding line is not good. It can be a hassle to figure out where the phone line is being interfered with. In most cases, a traditional phone line connected to the ATM is sufficient. They can disrupt a data transmission when someone is trying to withdraw money. Noise on the line can cause the ATM to drop a transaction. Excessive noise like RF interference (radio frequency) such as what power cords, or neon lights next to a phone line can do. We have seen cases where only wireless will do. The NH-1800se comes with a standard spin dial lock. Turn it one way, then the other way, and so on. We advise getting the electronic lock. The ATM's electronic lock is an option worth the money. A spin dial lock is precise. Sometimes too precise. You have to land exactly on the number. And if you do not land on the ATM's combination number exactly, you have to start over. We have had cases where ATM owners call and tell us the dial lock is bad. It won't open. We tell them to keep trying and eventually it will work. It always does. Some locks are just picky and you have to fall on the exact number, slowly. With an electronic lock, tap in your combination, and the vault door can be opened. Almost all ATM vault services (armored cars) require electronic locks. They require them for the speed of getting in and out, and for not having to deal with that frustrating spin dial lock combination! An electronic lock option is usually only about $100. One of the main selling points of Nautilus machines is the availability of an extended warranty. Perfect for high use machines. Let's say you bought a Nautilus Hyosung NH-1800 ATM from us at ATMmachine.com. The machine comes with a standard one year warranty. After eleven months of ownership, we will call you to ask if you would like to extend your ATM machine's warranty for another year. For about $175 a year. If you approve, your machine is covered for parts, not for labor. The next year we will call again. You have the option to renew the ATM warranty. Again, for one year. You can do this for 4 years. Some ATM owners we call do not hesitate act on this offer. It is after all, a main selling point for us and for Nautilus Hyosung as well. No other manufacturer offers an available extended warranty on a ATM machine. Other ATM owners say, no thanks, it's running perfect. And almost all ATM's do run perfect most of the time. But, consider one worst case scenario. Your CDU goes out. That is the cash dispensing unit, (but you knew that). Say it goes out the third year you have it, and you need a new one. A replacement CDU runs from $500 to $750. Two years of warranty renewals is $350. Plus, the one year free at the beginning, for a total of three. An ATM tech would be an added cost to the ATM owner. What other parts could go out on an ATM? The card reader, main board, LCD monitor, modem, transformer, printer, keypad, and a few other things. Nautilus Hyosung's extended warranty plan is enough for some ATM buyers to choose one of their ATM's over someone else's. We agree with this: If an ATM machine is going to be placed in a high traffic area, we think an extended warranty is a good idea.


nh-1800 atm installed

The Nautilus Hyosung model NH-1800se has been manufactured for a few years now. It is a proving to be a well built design put together with reliable long lasting parts.

nh-1800 atm by nautilus

Pictured above, this NH-1800 was sold by ATMmachine.com to be installed in a convenience store. In fact, all the NH-1800 machines on this page were sold by ATMmachine.com.

nh1800 installed in convenience store

Nautilus Hyosung designed a high visibilty topper sign pictured above that is an optional accessory.

nh1800 in c-store

The NH-1800se has many attractive features such as the LED light housing that illuminates the keypad with a soft blue light.

G1900 ATM by Genmega

nh-1800 installed in supermarket

This Nautilus Hyosung ATM is installed in the middle of the store rather that in a corner. This ATM is easy to find and should be successful in this location.

NH-1800 installed in grocery store sold by ATMmachine.com

The NH-1800 can operate on wireless devices and modems eliminating the need for a phone line. It comes with a 56k modem if a phone line is accessible.

nautilus hyosung ATM sold and installed by ATMmachine.com

Nautilus Hyosung manufactured the NH-1800se to be easy to understand and to use. The layout of buttons, monitor, card reader, and bill exit, are easy to interpret.

nh1800 installed in local nightclub

The NH-1800se has a modern design that sets it apart from other ATM models. It can look good installed in any setting. From nail salons to nightclubs, the NH-1800se excels.

Nautilus Hyosung NH-1800se features and specifications